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Some Accident Rescue Apps That Would Potentially Save Your Lives

Some Accident Rescue Apps That Would Potentially Save Your Lives

We have been living in a world where there are some situations that are so perilous, and it can literally happen to anybody. Our safety is certainly not guaranteed, and there is actually nothing we can do about it. No matter how careful we are, we could literally face trouble by just walking down a dark street. There is little to nothing we can do about facing these situations. Well, granted we can be prepared for such situations, and we can try and get out of them with some special skills indeed. You could literally be on your way home from work, and something or someone could pose a situation which would put you in harm’s way, you should certainly be prepared for such situations.

Because of those pieces of metal and glass that we have in our pockets, they would indeed provide an out for us; they could indeed save us from any serious harm that may befall us. Here is a list of some applications that will actually contact our listed emergency contact and also emergency services as soon as it is triggered or when it knows that we are in trouble.


  • There is an application on the Apple Watch that always detects if you have had a fall or if you are facing a perilous situation. It displays an option on the screen, and if you do not hit the “I am okay” option, it will immediately contact emergency services and also your emergency contacts. Well, the Apple Watch actually has a lot of medical features that we should be aware about. It can take an ECG and also give you accurate information relating to your heartbeat and blood oxygen and whatnot.
  • The Medical ID and Medical app on the iPhone will help you get immediate medical attention in emergency situations. You can even press the power button and the volume up button 5 times, and when you do that, it triggers a loud sound, and it counts down, when the countdown is done, it will contact emergency services and your emergency contacts as well. It will also send them a ping of your last known location and some more things that you can choose.


  • Guardly is literally a life-saving app which poses as an amazing life saving tool which will help you a lot. Security operators, administrators and even dispatchers can indeed rely on Guardily top send emergency alerts and even messages to members who are in critical situations.
  • Disaster Alert is an app which is brought in by the Pacific Disaster Center’s world disaster alerts. It gives you real-time access to things happening around the world.


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